Wij beschikken over volledige mobiliteit, in Nederland, Europa maar ook daarbuiten. Wij houden van reizen en kunnen daarom prima reportages, documentaires en drone-opnamen maken van bijvoorbeeld een luxueus resort, de natuur (wild) of bijvoorbeeld een volledige vastlegging van uw (groeps-) reis. Zo hebben wij onder meer gefilmd in USA, China, Zuid-Afrika, Brazilië, Thailand maar ook dichterbij 'huis' zoals Lanzarote, Spanje, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Kreta, Santorini, Schotland en Sicilië. 

Kasteel Eilean Donan, Schotland

Mouth of South Africa

A mix of wildlife and sounds from South Africa and a part of Swaziland. Do you expect a voice over, places to be, Geographic Channel? Nope…, there isn’t. Shootin’ handheld, to be there at that moment, only a few words typin’ down because of the Chinese/Vietnamese madness and last but not least: the amazing selfcoloured nature and animal movements.

-26° 14' 34.10", +31° 52' 27.85"

M A R S  2 0 5 0                         GoPro Award winning Aerial 2016

Regen Seizoen - White Mountain - Zuid Afrika

White Mountain is a mountain near Drakensberg in the district KwaZulu Natal. The last stop after 1 month travelling with equipment in november 2011 through South Africa. The rainy season has begun...

-29° 6' 29.93", +29° 36' 42.25"

Abandoned Playground

The Singing Rower at LuGu Lake, China 在泸沽湖唱歌赛艇运动员

The LuGu-Lake is a clean lake in China, the rowers drink the water when they become thirsty. When they bring us to the other side from the lake, a rower sing spontaneously his beautiful song.

Footage from China 2010, by Rob Jansen, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70mm L2.8 USM

De Krekel en de Mier

Broken Boulevard Bucharest                        Timelapşi Bucureşti

Photography: project "Broken Boulevards" on

Bucuresti Muzicant

This footage is part of the project "Broken Boulevards", Bucharest. A street 'musician' blows a leaf to earn some money.

Camera: GoPro Hero 3 BE

Plaza de la Corredera - timelapse

Plaza de la Corredera is a market square build in Castillanic style around the 17th century in Córdoba, Spain. This timelapse contains 3948 photo's.