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Aerials created by drones are already impossible to imagine in commissioned films or (content) video. With bold images from the air will get your video or picture just that little bit more power and attention with which your company is distinction and so better put on a map.


Since working with drones, a ' innovative baby ' by STUDIO XLM, we cherish and have specially developed a separate for the use of aerials with all the information about our work and opportunities.



Chateau Rocher


Fishing Boat

LE Puy Mary 4k

Utrecht From Above

Utrecht from Above

I've lived 40 years in the beautiful city Utrecht in the centre of The Netherlands. Once in a lifetime I would like to shoot such a video. And here it is and smells to more. Proud and thrilling to show you this perspective of one of the most beautiful 'Old Towns' in The Netherlands.

Shot by GoPro 4

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