Pedestrian light

I've shot two photo's from a pedestrian light in Chengdu, China and animate it.

Refugee after Celluloid

This footage is about an amazing exhibition named 'Celluoid' | Eye Filmmuseum and a very little part of (second camera) the dance 'Refugee CRISIS' by the excellent french dancers Alizée Sourbé & Benoit Ecoiffier during the dance event Change by Dance. See the whole performance at They created this piece to support the cause of the refugees that have had to leave their homes and everything they have behind. They bring the hard struggle these people had to endure to the stage in a very creative and emotion piece. This part was captured during the live performance in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Behind the Scenes

Footage compilation 'Behind the Scenes' of a Photoshoot with these two girls.

Check My Gear

Checking the stuff to work with next day. eSlider Lanparte is still working great. Happy with it... for sure I take my Inspire Pro with me but guess the location is't free enough to fly with... So, I've the slider in case of that ;--)


Abandoned Playground


Sidescuttle was filmed out of the body of a tallship. IJsselmeer, The Netherlands

Just a Ride