We have full mobility, in The Netherlands, Europe but also beyond. We love to travel and can therefore deliver reports, documentaries and drone-shoots for example a luxurious resort, nature (wild) or a full commitment of your (group) trip. So we have filmed in USA, China, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand but also closer (at home) such as Lanzarote, Bucharest, Spain, Germany, France, Crete, Santorini, Scotland and Sicily.


This video is the first revised part from NIHAO. A Chinese traveling video, shot in China. No stabilisation. With less gear the farther you come.

Castle Eilean Donan, Schotland

Mouth of South Africa

A mix of wildlife and sounds from South Africa and a part of Swaziland. Do you expect a voice over, places to be, Geographic Channel? Nope…, there isn’t. Shootin’ handheld, to be there at that moment, only a few words typin’ down because of the Chinese/Vietnamese madness and last but not least: the amazing selfcoloured nature and animal movements. -26° 14' 34.10", +31° 52' 27.85"

M A R S  2 0 5 0                         GoPro Award winning Aerial 2016

Rain Saeson - White Mountain - South Africa

White Mountain is a mountain near Drakensberg in the district KwaZulu Natal. The last stop after 1 month travelling with equipment in november 2011 through South Africa. The rainy season has begun... -29° 6' 29.93", +29° 36' 42.25"

Abandoned Playground

The Singing Rower at LuGu Lake, China 在泸沽湖唱歌赛艇运动员

The LuGu-Lake is a clean lake in China, the rowers drink the water when they become thirsty. When they bring us to the other side from the lake, a rower sing spontaneously his beautiful song. Footage from China 2010, by Rob Jansen, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-70mm L2.8 USM

De Krekel en de Mier | The Cricket and The Ant

Broken Boulevard Bucharest                        Timelapşi Bucureşti

Photography: project "Broken Boulevards" on

Bucuresti Muzicant

This footage is part of the project "Broken Boulevards", Bucharest. A street 'musician' blows a leaf to earn some money.

Camera: GoPro Hero 3 BE

Plaza de la Corredera - timelapse

Plaza de la Corredera is a market square build in Castillanic style around the 17th century in Córdoba, Spain. This timelapse contains 3948 photo's.